Tharparkar- when I embarked on this journey

This is Mirpur, this is Kharak
7 July 2021
Tharparkar- when I embarked on this journey on February 2020, I didn’t think that things would move so swiftly. The Anzal Begum Foundation alongside Human Appeal – UK  raised funds to help the poor of Tharparkar.

Today after almost 15 months I have come here to open the first of 20 solar water plants and integrated villages.

This is one of three villages that my Brother and I are doing in our late Mother’s name.

I am grateful to Zaheer Khan and Inam Malik for bringing me on this journey.

This particular solar powered plant will provide water daily to approx 2000 people.

I am so grateful to my family and friends who have supported me on this project and honoured that you entrusted me with your donations.

Alhumdulliah I believe I have delivered and look forward to your continued support.